100Reporters partners with AfriLeaks

Ancir-logo2-300x244100Reporters is now part of a network of news organizations supporting accountability journalism in Africa.

AfriLeaks allows anyone to leak confidential documents of public interest to citizens of African nations. It is a system helping anyone share materials while protecting the identity of the source, which is essential in situations where whistleblowers may face severe retaliation for exposing wrongdoing.

AfriLeaks is run by an alliance of African news organizations committed to holding power accountable. “AfriLeaks is the right tool at the right time,” said Diana Jean Schemo, co-founding executive editor of 100Reporters. “It connects information from people who suspect–or know about–wrongdoing with journalists who can investigate and expose misdeeds, while protecting the source.” Of course, no system is 100 percent safe, and sources who suspect their computer is already under surveillance should find other means of contacting AfriLeaks, such as snail mail.

Those sending documents can select 100Reporters or another member media organization to investigate the problem. AfriLeaks’ platform helps the sender stay in touch and answer questions from professional journalists with a mission to reveal the truth, but not the identity of the source.

AfriLeaks news organizations must meet several criteria: excellence in investigative journalism, integrity in content and investigative processes and geographic relevance. 100Reporters, dedicated to forging new frontiers in responsible journalism, is proud to be working with AfriLeaks to advance civic accountability in Africa.



Diana Jean Schemo

Diana Jean Schemo

Diana Jean Schemo is president and executive editor of 100Reporters, and the founder and co-director of the Double Exposure Film Festival and Symposium, the United States' only investigative film festival.