A corporate campaign to discredit a scientist whose work showed that a commonly used weed killer turned male frogs into females, raising questions about its safety for humans. A 50-state investigation of caretakers who pile on to restrain mentally disabled adults, often where they live, fatally killing these most vulnerable members of society. Accountability in international organizations, from the World Bank to the United Nations, that spend billions with little to no outside oversight.

In its first five years, 100Reporters has brought these and other important stories to public light, on both its website and in partner news outlets that have included from The New York Times to the Washington Post to PRI to Fortune/CNNMoney, Turkey’s Hurriyet and Huffington Post.

It has also launched Double Exposure, the United States’ first investigative film festival and symposium, at the National Portrait Gallery and the National Press Club. The annual event celebrates the finest investigative reporting on film, and seeds collaboration between journalists and filmmakers inspired by the investigative instinct.

Our stories focus on what citizens the world over identify as the top problem in these tough economic times: corruption and public accountability. But 100Reporters is seeking 100Angels.

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