100Voices: Aruna Roy


Aruna Roy is an activist and founder of India’s Right to Information movement, which fought government secrecy and secured new freedom of information laws in several states, as well as a strong national law in 2005. She also serves on the National Advisory Council, a body set up to monitor the aims of the United Progressive Alliance, a coalition of Indian political parties founded in 2004. She spoke to staff writer Chad Bouchard on the sidelines of Transparency International’s 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Brasília.

Chad Bouchard

Chad Bouchard

Chad Bouchard, a staff writer for 100 Reporters, is an investigative journalist focusing on politics and corruption. His stories have appeared in The Washington Post Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, The Financial Times and other publications. His radio stories have aired on NPR, Public Radio International, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Voice of America.