Three years earlier, Daniel returned from a visit with his father with suspicious bruises on his bottom. His mother, Karen Gill, immediately took the...

Market day in the riverside town of Gbitti in eastern Cameroon is a colorful affair. Farmers sit on the bare red earth, their wares...

At 9:30 a.m. on a gray winter Monday, the State Department officials began certifying the names at a rate of one every two minutes...

MONTEPUEZ, Mozambique — Mila Kunis embodies just the kind of woman that Gemfields plc, the world’s leading supplier of rare colored gemstones, wishes to...

PREAH SIHANOUK PROVINCE, Cambodia—They were some of the most searing images of violence to emerge from the land crisis that swept Cambodia over the...

Papua New Guinea, now the world’s largest producer of tropical timber, is losing more than $100 million annually to widespread tax evasion in its...

In what experts are describing as a victory for transparency, a federal judge in New York has ordered the U.S. Justice Department to release compliance monitoring reports produced as part of a $1.9 billion settlement with banking giant HSBC, which pleaded guilty to laundering drug money and violating sanctions.

The U.S. Justice Department this month moved to confiscate roughly $1.2 million held in major multi-national banks which prosecutors believe passed through a network...

Coca-Cola’s most closely held secret is its mysterious formula – Merchandise7x. But the company, with a market capitalization of $177 billion, is even more secretive about the financial value of its intangible capital, with leading brands like Coke and Sprite not listed on financial statements as "assets"–itself a contested term. We probed Coca-Cola’s hidden intangible capital–and as much as $11.5 billion in tax avoidance.

Years of incomplete disclosures, questionable accounting practices and payments to friends and associates may catch up with the Clinton Foundation, which has until November 16 to file more than 10 years of amended tax returns, in a belated attempt to set the record straight. The problem, says a financial analyst and close Clinton-watcher, is that it will be impossible for the foundation to amend its tax statements without admitting to criminal wrongdoing.

Central American mothers and children fleeing violence in their home countries are flocking to the United States, requesting political asylum under the United Nations Convention on Refugees. US immigration policy, however, has focused largely on treating them as illegal immigrants, criminalizing victims of violence in the process.

Azerbaijani journalist Khadija Ismayilova is sentenced to seven and a half years in prison by an Azerbaijan court after reporting on corruption with in ruling Aliyev family, in what human rights organizations and journalists across the globe dismissed as trumped up charges meant to silence investigative reporting.
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