German engineering giant Siemens ignored some of its own red flags for foreign bribery in the aftermath of a major corruption scandal in 2008, according to newly released reports by an independent monitor and other confidential documents.

As the coronavirus pandemic threatened to overwhelm Chinese hospitals last year, Chinese resellers appear to have colluded to inflate the prices of ventilators and other essential medical equipment from multinational companies including Siemens, GE, and Philips, according to a review of recent public records on the sale of medical equipment in China.

Nigeria settled a border dispute with neighboring Cameroon more than 13 years ago. Nigerians who moved back, however, are still awaiting resettlement.

Two men accused of running North Africa's notoriously brutal human trafficking operations were arrested in Ethiopia, in what was seen as a major victory for victims. Then, last week, one went missing.

Driven by the coronavirus pandemic, property grabbing is rising rapidly in Zambia. Widows are being forced from their homes, as their in-laws claim the dead man's property as their own.

A seven-month investigation found widespread reports of U.N. staff members exploiting refugees desperate for a safe home in a new country.