When Agnes Kavere’s apartment building collapsed in the Huruma neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya, killing 52 residents in a crash of concrete and steel, she was busy ferrying the family’s belongings to a higher floor, in a mistaken search for safety. The disaster killed her husband, and has changed Kavere’s life forever. She can no longer be a full-time mother, but works cleaning other people’s homes. Kavere’s mother raises her children. And she cannot bear to enter a multi-story building, seeing shadows of tragedy in distance from the ground. A video by Andrew Ochieng, for Journalists for Transparency and 100Reporters.


Andrew Ochieng

Andrew Ochieng

Andrew Ochieng is an award-winning journalist who in the last decade has reported on corruption, legal, political and environmental issues. He has been at NTV-Kenya for four years. He was a finalist for the Foreign Press Association Awards, in London, in 2014 and twice has won the Media Council of Kenya Annual Excellence in Journalism Award. “I do this because I am passionate about telling stories that affect ordinary people.”
Andrew Ochieng

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